Green Burial Services

A green burial is a ritual that is as harmless as possible for the environment. 
Green burials follow the tradition of "ashes to ashes and dust to dust."  

Pederson Funeral Home is one of a select number of funeral homes in Michigan that meets the criteria for providing green funeral services, by the Green Burial Council; a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization working to encourage environmental sustainability in the field of funeral service.  These offerings allow for a funeral to take place without the use of toxic or non-biodegradable materials/chemicals.  Caskets and shrouds are made available to enclose and transport a deceased loved one.  Body preparation suitable for a green funeral service accommodated by this funeral home consists of refrigeration, the use of topical sprays/compounds, or arterial embalming with essential oils.  Home wakes, public visitations, church funerals and graveside services are options that may be arranged within the time frame that a green funeral allows. 

If you or anyone in your family wish to explore green burial options with Pederson Funeral Home, please call us at (616) 866-1515